Not Having A SEO Strategy May Ruin Your Business

Developing a solid SEO strategy is more about creating something people enjoy. As yourself, do your links and pages have “eye candy” web elements to draw the customer to the “WOW” factor along with clear directions as to what the customer is supposed to do? Remember you only have a second or two to capture the prospects curiosity to motivate them to explore more…

The lines between search engine optimization, traditional internet based marketing and good old fashioned public relations over time have literally been erased with all three an effective part of strategic internet marketing optimization. The best strategy moving forward is to incorporate these proven marketing pillars into every interaction with your clients. By beginning with the end in mind, solid market research needs to be done to identify your specific target audience and then to create content that reflects the needs of those specific potential customers. Our friends over at SEOMoz put together a great video that goes into the importance of doing effective research.

If you want to improve the return on investment on your site, then professional SEO services is a MUST. To many people, it feels as if SEO has been around forever and they take it completely for granted. However, not implementing a long-term SEO strategy for you site, put you at great risk of being outpaced by your competitors.

Basically, SEO is the online marketing process of optimizing your website in terms of keywords and content available on your web pages. By fixing these elements, the search engines acknowledge your site and rank it high in the search results.

How Do Search Engines Work

Search engines are text-driven and use spiders to crawl the web searching for specific site items (mostly text) to get an idea what a site is about in order to generate results – crawling, indexing, scoring relevancy and retrieving information.

Web spiders follow links from one page to another and index all the information they find on their path. Given the astounding number of online pages (more than 20 billion), it is impossible for spiders to visit the same site every day just to catch up on the latest updates – sometimes spiders only revisit websites every other month or two.

So, instead of waiting for spiders to return to your site, you can actually check to see what they “see” on your website. If your pages are not viewable, they will not be indexed – in fact, they will be non-existent for the search engines. Here you can use a search engine spider simulator to check your website.

Our experts are ready to evaluate your website, identify opportunities and show you how to increase conversions through a solid SEO strategy. Depending on your business goals, we will focus on one or all of the following areas:

1. Internal Linking

Internal linking is a great way to increase your site’s popularity by linking one page of your site to another. Search engines like internal linking because it shows that your site has valuable content worthy of being distributed on multiple pages. It also indicates that your site is a consistent unit

2. Link Building

Having other websites linking back to your site in a one-way link is a great asset. Backlinks send the signal to search engines that your website should be trusted and worth returning to, but you should never accept backlinks just from any website. Having highly respected websites linking back to your content in a natural ad relevant way will definitely pay off in the long run.

3. High Quality Content

Search engines praise sites with highly relevant content, so we will pay good attention to the content that fills your pages. We stay away from filler words and bring you fresh content and ideas that your readers will love to return to and share with others.

4. Updated Alt and Title Tags

By filling the Alt and Title tags on all pages, photos and links, we are helping the search engines evaluate the type of content that is available on your site, which will enable them to index your site even better.WebPagetest analyzes your website (it takes about 5-6 minutes) for SEO purposes. Once the scanning is complete, the results will indicate how fast or slow your files are uploading and make further SEO recommendations.

Following the above recommendations, you will learn then how to scale your business and make it grow.

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