Back Links and Search Engine Rankings

Back links show the popularity or importance of your website and is reflected in Google popularity of that page as well as search rankings. Links are considered as recommendations or votes by other sites in your favor. This means the more you have back links, the more popular your website is. Back links are also referred as inbound links, in-links, incoming links and inward links.

Back links are essential for search engine rankings. Some search engines, like Google, gives importance to those websites that have greater number of back links and thus consider them more worthy of top rankings in comparison to others. Also, whenever the popularity of any website to a keyword is calculated then the number of quality back links to that site is also considered.

So the number of links is not important but quality is. Thus whenever you exchange your back links then you should always try to exchange with quality back links. Search rankings are all about the quality link building.

Now how can you determine the quality of back links? For this you have to check how much these inbound links are relevant to the content of your website. If the links are really relevant to the website content then they will be helpful in increasing the popularity. But on the other hand if the back links are irrelevant and unrelated to your website then it will be counted as drawback to the relevancy of the site.

Always remember that higher the relevancy, greater the quality of the back links.

Eg:- For a website specialising in gemstones and jewelry, a back link from a site about chairs would be of ZERO value.The reason behind including back links in the page rank algorithm is that if your page is good then more people will be willing to link to the site. There are many tips to get more back links. With some of the tips, may be, you are not comfortable but you can choose which is more beneficial.

• You can post your website links on social bookmarking sites like, stumpleupon, spurl etc where you get many targeted visitors who get your page linked with them. If the social bookmark site is popular then it will give you higher page ranking.

• You can submit your content rich articles to Ezine articles directory. Ezine articles directory offers various back links to your page and also helpful in getting high search engine ranking. Here you get various quality back links for your page and you will find yourself on hundreds of other websites. See a list of 30 best article directories to submit your articles to.

• If you submit RSS feeds to RSS syndication then you will get many back links which helps in getting high search engine ranking.

• Other method of getting back links to your page is to post comments on blogs and forums related to your website content. However, posting comments is little time consuming but it is the most beneficial method of back linking for getting the higher search engine ranking.

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